Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gaddafi Rides Again

Exclusive commentary by Martin Kelly
October 17, 2003

On October 10th, the scholars of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) performed one of their innumerable acts of public service by publishing a translation of a speech given by Muammar Gaddafi on October 4th. The translation, published on their website, is a chilling reminder of this man’s evil, and of how he has not reformed.
The speech was delivered to a group of women in the Libyan city of Sabha. During its course, Gaddafi said,
“We must train the women how to booby-trap the car and blow it up among the enemy, how to blow up the house so that it falls on the enemy soldiers. Traps must be prepared. The women must be taught how to booby-trap their clothes closets, booby-trap their purses, booby-trap their shoes, booby-trap the children’s toys, so they blow up on the enemy soldiers.”
That’s feminism, Gaddafi-style. This person, whose delegate is the Chairman of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, shows that he is still neither a fit nor proper person for any moral nation to be dealing with, no matter how big his chequebook.
These comments have been made a matter of weeks after the lifting of sanctions against him. The Blair Government has entered into a rapprochement with him, producing the ludicrous spectacle of diminutive Foreign Office Minister Mike O’ Brien being given the full tent and camels routine on a Tripoli stopover last year. The sanctions have only been lifted after agreeing to the payment of compensation to the victims of the Lockerbie bombing.
Until December 1988, the most significant thing that other Scots knew about Lockerbie was that it was the site of the last stop of the Glasgow to London train before it crossed into England. It had a long history as a market town. It was a picturesque, unexceptional wee place, until the act of infamy perpetrated against the Clipper Maid of the Seas and her passengers ripped up Lockerbie’s streets, killing her townsfolk in their beds and leaving the Clipper’s nose cone buried on Tundergarth Hill as a monument to the evil of Muammar Gaddafi. For many years afterwards, people went on dying. In recent years Stephen Flanagan, orphaned on the annihilation of Sherwood Crescent, stepped under a train. Muammar Gaddafi wasn’t standing behind Stephen as he took his life, but he might as well have been.
The jailing of Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi shows how dumb some of these guys really were. Before he planted the bomb, Megrahi was Gaddafi’s Chief Spook on Malta, using Valletta Airport as cover. He thought that wrapping the barometric Toshiba radio bomb in clothing would help disguise it. The shop that he bought the clothing from, Mary’s House, sold only very expensive and easily traced children’s clothing, and its owner Tony Gauci identified Megrahi as the person responsible for buying the clothing to the satisfaction of nine Scottish judges. If Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi had bothered to walk another two hundred yards down the street to the local department store, he would probably never have been caught. But that would probably have been too much like hard work. In the meantime, Tony Gauci, a man prepared to stand up to terrorists on his doorstep, gets a very hard time from the left wing press over the reliability of his evidence and his reasons for giving his testimony. Nelson Mandela, one of the first to congratulate Governor Schwarzenegger on his election, has visited Megrahi in his specially designed cell at Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison and called for him to be allowed to serve his sentence in a Muslim country. Hopefully, one day former President Mandela will get round to visiting the families of the American servicemen killed in the Berlin nightclub bombing that Gaddafi organised.
Neo-conservatism, whatever that word really means, gets a bad press, but if there was ever a Middle Eastern leader who through actions dating back thirty years has proven himself to be a menace to society and whose forcible removal would be justified it is Gaddafi. For any reasonable leader to make any remark encouraging suicide bombing weeks after the lifting of sanctions levied as a result of sponsoring terror is, to put it mildly, nuts. His regime is a classic example of Middle Eastern nut-o-cracy, nuts to the core. He is the Chief Nut, but the sheer lethality of his nuttiness has taken too many lives for him to be regarded as anything other than a nut, a truly dangerous mind. Keep him in his cage.