Monday, March 20, 2006

A Note From The Author

This blog is an archive of the articles I contributed to the online newspaper 'The Washington Dispatch' from September 8 2002 to May 17 2005.
None of them set the world alight; none of them were quoted in the corridors of power; yet hopefully they all at least tried to be honest.
For the first year that I was a contributor, I had no Internet access; indeed, I didn't own a PC. For the first year everything I wrote was banged out on my father's computer.
Afetr acquiring a second hand PC and an extremely slow dial-up connection, I enjoyed an Indian summer; until an abortive attempt to defrag its hard disc on Good Friday 2004 resulted in the loss of Internet access, with all articles having to be written from what could be found in newspapers, and then forwarded to TWD's HQ in Stafford, Virginia, through Glasgow City Council's vision in installing Internet access in Langside Library.
Shane Cory, TWD's editor, manager and proprietor has since moved on to other opportunities; it is difficult to express the gratitude I feel to Shane for having been given the opportunity to share my ramblings with a wider public.
Due to his commitments, a brief window of opportunity has arisen to enable all my articles to be preserved; digital artefacts of a time for which I have the fondest memories. It seems foolish not to take it.
Some of these pieces are poor; some downright dreadful; but some might at least be OK.
And any factual errors remain my responsibility.