Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Public Needs Answers

Exclusive commentary by Martin Kelly
June 4, 2003

The recent Iraqi war began in order to disarm a madman. With the war won in every respect, it is now incumbent upon the Bush Administration to deliver answers on where the Weapons of mass Destruction are. Supporters of the war don’t care about delivery systems, or the lack of them, or whether they would only be able to hit Kuwait – confirmation of the fact of the actual existence of these weapons is now a priority.
After nearly two months, it’s no longer acceptable to say ‘They will be found’. I want to know right here, right now, where they are. With the greatest respect to those who planned the war, they were not the ones fighting it and they are not the ones arguing with their friends and loved ones over its morality. Liberating Iraq is a good cause in itself, but it was not stated to be the only cause. The principal cause was disarmament, surgically removing the threat of the weapons that Saddam had tried to build.
Obviously sources have to be protected. Obviously those who are in the know about these weapons will be on the lam, and they will need to be rounded up and questioned. If even a morsel of information to let us know that our support for this war was not in bad faith, then that will be, for me, a satisfactory outcome. However, the longer this silence goes on, regardless of what George W. Bush says about mobile labs, there will be a growing wellspring of resentment amongst conservatives all over the world for having been led up the garden path.
Mr. President, it’s time to show us the nukes. If Iraq didn’t have a cat’s chance of developing nukes anytime soon, we should be told. The wider issue is one of good faith and bad. I will defend George W. Bush to my last breath if he will come out and say, now, that the coalition forces have discovered evidence of an Iraqi programme for the development of a nuclear weapon. If he does not do this soon, I will start losing faith in him. He might not lose much sleep over that, but there may be some in his own electorate who might feel the same way. Even worse than that, not saying anything plays into the hands of calculating opportunists like Robert Byrd, a raddled old sinner, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, who are intent upon destroying conservatism as a philosophy in the same way that conservatism destroyed Communism.
That’s something no Republican should want on their conscience.